In this August edition of our bulletin, we’ve got some internal company insights on our hiring process and remote workspaces, more security tips and a device to help you stay awake at work!



Our Workspaces as a Remote Friendly Company

We’re a remote friendly company. Our HQ is based in Barcelona, but we’ve got designers and engineers all over the world.

One of the perks about working remotely is being able to design your own work environment, from the correct desk height to the perfect chair, the temperature of your surrounding to the music you listen to. Creating your own workspace is an awesome opportunity!

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Our Hiring Process and Tools at Mobile Jazz

We have amazing people working with us at Mobile Jazz. Not only because of their deep, strong knowledge of mobile, web, backend and design, but also because of the incredible stories behind each and every person.

Finding the right people to work with is a very complex task that requires a vast amount of time. We needed to create a great way to manage the hiring process, so here’s what we did.

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Discover useful insights in innovation, technology and business.


The Pros and Cons of Running SSL/TLS on Your Website

Running SSL/TLS on your website has both advantages and disadvantages. From it’s privacy benefits to boosting your website’s Google ranking, it’s practically common sense. However, there are also a lot of false myths about the security method that might make users hesitate to use it.

If you’re unsure about which route to take, fear not, because we laid out the pros and cons of employing it as well as busting some myths about it.

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Four Tips To Help Reduce Spam Traffic In Google Analytics

Google Analytics is an immensely powerful free service to track and report website traffic. If you’re already using Google Analytics, you’ll most likely have noticed some spam traffic from a number of sites. In this post, we’ve got four tips on how to reduce spam traffic.

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Increase productivity and make your life easier, here are just a few of the great tools and tips shared from our recent weekly hangouts.


Sortd is a Gmail skin that transforms your inbox into Trello-like to do lists.

Blisk Responsive Web Browser

Blisk is a new web browser that helps developers to build responsive sites.

UX Tools is a fantastic round up of protyping and design tools listed by feature.

Docker for Mac

Docker is an incredible open source platform which can package, distribute and run applications. Previously Docker needed to run in a virtual machines such as VirtualBox or Kitematic, now, Docker finally has it’s own native Mac app!


How to Stay Awake at Work

We’ve all caught ourselves nodding off at work, well finally, someone has created a machine that keeps you awake at work!

Thanks for reading, wishing you a happy summer holiday from all the team at Mobile Jazz.

Pablo Garcia Roca

Pablo García studied graphic design at degree level and has been working on UX and UI for many digital platforms.