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After months of development in Mobile Jazz, we have finally released the ClubKviar iOS/iPhone application to the AppStore. Our efforts, together with the ClubKviar team and the Exipple design studio, finally saw the light. This is a beautiful application that will surely find its spot in the market and hopefully onto your iPhone’s home screen.


But what is ClubKviar?

ClubKviar, launched in early 2012, is a private gastronomic club that offers a curated selection of a city’s top restaurants coupled with a simple online reservation service and Personal Assistant to facilitate table bookings.

There are many food & drink apps already out there, so you may question the saturation level of the market, but Kviar takes a new approach. By curating the very best restaurants and providing a personal concierge, Kviar ensures the very highest value for your money, especially important when dining in an unfamiliar city.

A group of international investors saw the potential last fall and invested $1 million to expand the service throughout Europe. The new iOS application will certainly accelerate this effort as our increasingly mobile society relies on our smartphones more and more to find the best restaurants a city has to offer.

How did Mobile Jazz help make ClubKviar a success?

Mobile Jazz and ClubKviar worked closely together for more than half a year with one goal in mind: provide the best possible user experience when searching for a restaurant on your smartphone. In addition to building the native iOS app from scratch, Mobile Jazz recreated the mobile website with a modern responsive design and refactored the underlying code in the necessary areas.

With a really tight deadline and a big code refactor needed we managed to deliver the new responsive site on time. To do this we used agile methodology and worked closely together with the ClubKviar team. We always emphasize a strong level of communication with our clients so that any change or problem is quickly and effectively managed and resolved.

Once the new site went live, we kept working on additional improvements: we added a better email and newsletter management system, we worked to have improve site analytics, and we optimized conversions through A/B testing.

We like to work closely with our customers so we can fully understand their business model and together find the best ways to accomplish their goals. It’s because of our client relationships that we are able to deliver the best service and experience to our customers, not just a finished product.

Going Mobile

For the mobile app, we worked closely with the customer and the design team to create a native mobile application, not just a mobile version of the site. Our extensive experience building mobile apps and the depth of knowledge we acquired about our client’s business allowed us to deliver an app that gives the best of ClubKviar to mobile users.


Mobile Jazz will continue to track the app performance, user behaviour and feedback to further help ClubKviar define their mobile strategy and product roadmap. Growing together and building better products that fit our customers’ business needs is our main goal when working as their technology partner.

Top Charts in the App Store

As expected, the app launch was well received by existing ClubKviar members and effectively attracted thousands of new users. We were very excited to reach the Top Charts of the iOS App Store side-by-side with the Facebook app just one day after launch! To keep the momentum and find the best dining experiences in your favorite city, please share the ClubKviar app with your friends!


Jordi Giménez

Jordi has worked as a project manager, developer and security analyst in web, iOS and Android. He’s worked for companies big and the small in government, banking, insurance, healthcare and IT.