Last week I was interviewed by David Schneider from the 80/20 Investing Show, who is also a popular author with various books on modern investing.

In the interview we talk about my short and random “success” with Bitcoin back in 2013, the fast growth and severe losses I experienced when dabbling in the stock market and the important lessons I learned.

We also discuss how today, I’d rather invest into our own companies and our team at Mobile Jazz, instead of putting money into businesses that I don’t understand nor control.

As a result, we’ve managed to achieve 556% growth during the past 12 months with Bugfender, one of our latest products at Mobile Jazz.

Stefan Klumpp

Stefan grew up in a small town in the Black Forest in Germany. After dropping out of high school he started an apprenticeship as a car mechanic. Later on, he studied Electrical Engineering and developed the first self-driving cars at Stanford University.